Bid List


VA Fort Wayne CBOC, Fort Wayne, IN,

Marine Forces Reserve (MFR), Camp Upshur, VA and Andrews AFB, MD,

 MFR Center Renovations, South Bend, IN,

Mobilization Support Facility, Fort Gordon, GA

Conversion of Space for Band Practice Areas, Lawrence, KS

Construction of C & C Fitness Center, Fort Stewart, GA

Carey Pool Renovations, Fort Benning, GA

Repair Indoor Pool HVAC, Building 21608, Fort Gordon, GA

Repair and Modernize MCRC Training Center, Fort Knox, KY

Installation for Lighting System, Miami, FL

Building 1077 Grounding System, Fort McClellan

Access Control Point Automated Installation Entry System Site Infrastructure Preparation, White Sand Missile Range, NM

Access Control Point, Automated Installation Entry and System Site Infrastructure Preparation, Fort Polk, LA

SCIF Changes Construction, Fort Stewart, GA

E911 Center Renovations and Security Fencing, Fort Bragg, NC

Lighting Control Replacement for Fish Deterrent System, Richard B. Russell Dam, GA & SC

Security Upgrades Building 2931, Fort Benning, GA

Repair TBUP Dining Facility, Fort Gordon, GA

Renovate Building 9052 Sledgehammer Health Clinic, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Nursing Home (PH II), VA, Tuskegee, AL

AHU/Ductwork/CW Piping, Gainesville, FL

Replace Elevator Controllers, VA, West Palm Beach, FL

Patient Lifts in Rooms, VA, Miami, FL

Lyster Army Health Clinic, Fort Rucker, AL

VISN 7 Energy Efficiency Project, AL, GA, SC

Window Replacement Phase VI, VA, Miami, FL

Expand Sterile Processing Distribution (SPD), VA, Tampa, FL

Renovate Building 21720 MI Mission, Fort Gordon, GA

Repair Barracks Building 25421 35th Signal Brigade, Fort Gordon, GA

Barracks 25412, Fort Gordon, GA

Barracks 25410, Fort Gordon, GA

Barracks 25416, Fort Gordon, GA

Renovate ARHOC Barracks Building M-4040, Fort Bragg, NC

Repair of Barracks Buildings 25425 and 28410, Fort Gordon, GA

Construction of NGTC Barracks and Latrines Renovation, Fort Jackson, SC

Renovate ARHOC Barracks Building M-4520, Fort Bragg, NC, Fort Bragg, NC

Barracks Upgrade Project (BUP), Building 25425, Fort Gordon, GA

Roof Repair in 24400 Area, Fort Gordon, GA

Repair/Paint Water Tank 3849, NAS Pensacola, FL

DPWL SSA Warehouse Extension, Fort Gordon, GA

St. Stephens Powerhouse Re-roof, St. Stephens, SC

Replace Roof, Central Issue Facility (CIF) Building 25709, Fort Gordon, GA

Renovate Building 30601, Fort Rucker, AL

Repair/Renewal/Construction Project Office, Rend Lake, Benton, IL

Kessler Elementary School, Fort Stewart, GA

Call for Fire Expansion, Fort Stewart, GA

Renovation Building 22, Southport, NC

Renovate Classrooms Building 29813, Fort Gordon, GA

Renovate Building17, MOTSU Southport, NC

Resource Managers Office Renovation, Richard B. Russell Dam, GA & SC

Repair 2nd Floor of Allen Hall and Provide Open Secret Storage Area, Building 29813, Fort Gordon, GA

Building 2386 CIF, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Building 229N, Robins AFB, GA

Upgrade Interior BLDG. 5203 Harper Hall, Fort Rucker, AL

Renovation 4700 Block, Buildings 4706, 4710, & 4711, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Building 36 Administration Command and Command Staff Headquarters, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Building 37, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Building 38, Fort Benning, GA

Building 21715 for 7th Brigade Upgrade, Fort Gordon, GA

Repair Building 186 for SD Move, Tyndall AFB, FL

908th Composite Maintenance Facility HVAC & Electrical Upgrades, Maxwell AFB, AL

Upgrades to Arch/Mech/Elec Systems in Rooms 122NE, 122NW, & 128 of Building 5000, Fort Rucker, AL

Addition to Hangar Building 25165, Knox Field, Fort Rucker, AL

Upgrade Electrical & Repair Roof, Montgomery, AL

Renovations to Command Conference Center, NCBC Gulfport, MS

Building 1819 Fire Protection, Vandenburg AFB, CA

Building 1529, Fort Detrick, MD, Fort Detrick, MD

ERDC Upgrades Vicksburg, MS

4th LAR Logical Follow-on, Camp Upshur, VA, Camp Upshur, VA

Repair Building 3003 DFAC, Fort Stewart, GA, Fort Stewart, GA

Repair Signal Towers Roofs, Fort Gordon, GA, Fort Gordon, GA

Renovate Fire Station #4, Hunter AAF, GA, Hunter AAF, GA

Replace Chillers Kelly Hill, Fort Benning, GA, Fort Benning, GA

Replace HVAC Building 241, Fort Benning, GA, Fort Benning, GA

DRMO Renovate Building 1900 & 1901, Fort Jackson, SC

Building 101 Main Post Chapel, Fort Benning, GA, Fort Benning, GA

MI Group Campus Repair, Fort Gordon, GA

3rd Brigade Furniture Hook-up, Fort Stewart, GA

Renovate HVAC Buildings 270 and 271, FLETC, Brunswick, GA

Renovate HVAC System Fire Department, Maxwell AFB, AL

Repair Roof DFAC 13 Building 24414, Fort Gordon, GA

Renovations to Building 9, Southport, NC

Energy Conservation Investment Program (ECIP), MOTSU Sunnypoint, NC

Roof 1 & 3 Repairs, MOTSU Sunnypoint, NC

Replace ERDC Facility Roofs and Renovation, Vicksburg, MS




913 South Perry Street Montgomery, Alabama 36104