Bid List

Renovate Building 30601, Fort Rucker, AL

Brigade Transformation Brigade Headquarters Facility, Fort Riley, KS

108th ADA Brigade Headquarters, Fort Bragg, NC

Battalion Headquarters, Fort Huachuca, AZ

Brigade Headquarters, Fort Carson, CO

BCT Complex Increments 3 & 4, Fort Lewis, WA

Fort Rucker Chapel Center, Fort Rucker, AL

Riverlands Sanctuary Orientation Center, West Alton, MO

Repair/Renewal/Construction Project Office, Rend Lake Benton, IL

Marine Forces Reserve (MFR), Camp Upshur, VA and Andrews AFB, MD, Camp Upshur and Andrews AFB, MD

MFR Center Renovations, South Bend, IN, Joliet, IL

Construct DOL Maintenance Facility, Hunter AAF, GA

Kessler Elementary School, Fort Stewart, GA

Call for Fire Expansion, Fort Stewart, GA

Renovation Building 22, Southport, NC

Renovate Classrooms Building 29813, Fort Gordon, GA

Renovate Building17. MOTSU Southport, NC

Design-Build New Multi-Purpose Virtual Training Facility, Fort Gordon, GA

Renovate Building 21720 MI Mission, Fort Gordon, GA

General Instruction Building, Fort Gordon, GA

Resource Managers Office Renovation, Richard B. Russell Dam, GA & SC

Repair 2nd Floor of Allen Hall and Provide Open Secret Storage Area, Building 29813, Fort Gordon, GA

Building 2386 CIF, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Building 229N, Robins AFB, GA

Flight Test Operations Facility, Hurlburt Field, FL

Upgrade Interior Building 5203 Harper Hall, Fort Rucker, AL

D/B Fragment Simulation Lab, ERDC, Vicksburg, MS

Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) Services for the Construction of the Southern Horticultural Laboratory Greenhouse and Headhouse, Poplarville, MS

Renovation 4700 Block, Buildings 4706, 4710, & 4711, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Building 36 Administration Command and Command Staff Headquarters, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Building 37, Fort Benning, GA

Renovate Building 38, Fort Benning, GA

Building 21715 for 7th Brigade Upgrade, Fort Gordon, GA

Replacement of the Clemson Pumping Station Office, Clemson, SC

MP Battalion TEMF Fort Riley Building 8680, Fort Riley, KS

Fort Leavenworth TEMF, Fort Leavenworth, KS

Fort Riley TEMF 7520, Fort Riley, KS

Fort Riley TEMF 7500, Fort Riley, KS

TEMF Fort Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth, KS

Unit Operations and Motor Pool, Fort Hood, TX

BCT Complex, Fort Lewis, WA

Repair Building 186 for SD Move, Tyndall AFB, FL



913 South Perry Street Montgomery, Alabama 36104