Bid List

Fort Leavenworth TEMF, Fort Leavenworth, KS

MP Battalion TEMF Fort Riley Building 8680, Fort Riley, KS

Fort Riley TEMF 7520, Fort Riley, KS

Fort Riley TEMF 7500, Fort Riley, KS

TEMF Fort Leavenworth, KS

Unit Operations and Motor Pool, Fort Hood, TX

BCT Complex, Fort Lewis, WA

Repair and Modernize MCRC Training Center, Fort Knox, KY

Head Gate Corrosion Repair and Painting, ARRA, Richard B. Russell Dam, GA & SC

Headgate 6 Corrosion & Paint, Richard B. Russell Dam, GA & SC

Draft Tube Gate Corrosion, Richard B. Russell Dam, GA & SC

Logistics Shelter, MOTSU, Southport, NC

Elevated Water Storage Tank, Eglin AFB, FL

Repair/Paint Water Tank 3849, NAS Pensacola, FL

Mobilization Support Facility, Fort Gordon, GA

Logistics & Mow Equipment Shed, MOTSU, Southport, NC

DPWL SSA Warehouse Extension, Fort Gordon, GA

Construction of Bridge System and Miscellaneous Infrastructure Work on Salemn Road at Cobbs Pond, Fort Jackson, SC

St. Stephens Powerhouse Re-roof, St. Stephens, SC

Replace Roof, Central Issue Facility (CIF) Building 25709,  Fort Gordon, GA

Environmental Resources Shed, Sunnypoint, NC

Asphalt Paving and Spare Parts for Building 449, NASA Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, LA

Boat Storage Facility, COE Site Office, Panama City, FL

Paint booth/metal building facility and enlargement of a storage yard, Stennis Space Center, MS





913 South Perry Street Montgomery, Alabama 36104