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Safety is a serious matter, and it is a priority at The Clement Group. In addition to our overall company safety plan, we routinely develop project-specific Accident Prevention Plans to ensure our policies and procedures specifically address the safety concerns of each project. We have also developed an innovated safety incentive program to promote safety awareness among employees.


Project Managers and Supervisors are held accountable for safety on each project.  Site Supervisors are given the proper level of OSHA training to enable them to serve as the Safety Manager on the jobsite.  They are responsible for the implementation of the overall company safety plan, as well as the site-specific Accident Prevention Plan.  Our managers are given the authority to respond appropriately once they recognize hazards and unsafe working conditions.


Our safety incentive program rewards workers for making safety a priority.  This program awards coupons known as "safety bucks" to employees on projects with no OSHA recordable accidents, tardiness, or loss work days due to injuries.  These "safety bucks" can be used to purchase company items such as logo shirts, jackets, mugs, caps, etc.


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