Bid List

Parking Garage at VAMC, VA West Palm Beach, FL

East Access Road/Campus Security, Tuscaloosa, AL

Fort Leavenworth TEMF, Fort Leavenworth, KS

MP Battalion TEMF Fort Riley Building 8680, Fort Riley, KS

Fort Riley TEMF 7520, Fort Riley, KS

Fort Riley TEMF 7500, Fort Riley, KS

TEMF Fort Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth, KS

Unit Operations and Motor Pool, Fort Hood, TX

BCT Complex, Fort Lewis, WA

Repair and Modernize MCRC Training Center, Fort Knox, KY, Fort Knox, KY

Asphalt Paving and Spare Parts for Building 449, NASA Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, LA, NASA Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, LA

Paint booth/metal building facility and enlargement of a storage yard, Stennis Space Center, MS

Brigade Transformation Brigade Headquarters Facility, Fort Riley, KS

108th ADA Brigade Headquarters, Fort Bragg, NC

Battalion Headquarters, Fort Huachuca, AZ

Brigade Headquarters, Fort Carson, CO

BCT Complex Increments 3 & 4, Fort Lewis, WA

Marine Forces Reserve (MFR), Camp Upshur, VA and Andrews AFB, MD, Camp Upshur, VA and Adrews AFB, MO

MFR Center Renovations, South Bend, IN, Joliet, IL

Construct DOL Maintenance Facility, Hunter AAF, GA

Flight Test Operations Facility, Hurlburt Field, FL

D/B Fragment Simulation Lab, ERDC Vicksburg, MS,

Installation for Lighting System, Miami, FL

Building 1077 Grounding System, Fort McClellan, AL

Access Control Point Automated Installation Entry System Site Infrastructure Preparation, White Sand Missile Range, NM

Access Control Point, Automated Installation Entry and System Site Infrastructure Preparation, Fort Polk, LA

Beaufort Truck Inspection Area, Beaufort, SC

Fries Tower and Obstacle Course, Hunter AAF, GA

Construction of FRIES Towers, Fort Benning, GA

Construct C&C Fencing, Fort Stewart, GA,

Construction of 1/75th Obstacle Course, Hunter AAF, GA

Construction of Solomon Center Asphalt Walkways, Fort Jackson, SC

Provide and Install All Utilities From Point of connection to 5-Foot Building Line for Army Lodge, Fort Jackson, SC

CECOM Parking Lot, Building 992, Fort Benning, GA

Munitions Storage Area, Robins AFB, GA

SCIF Changes Construction, Fort Stewart, GA

Extend Security Fence, Richard B. Russell Dam, GA & SC

Red Cloud Drainage Golf Course, Fort Stewart, GA

Construct Cargo Hangar Parking Lot, Robins AFB, GA

SOF Acquisition Center Phase II (Parking Garage), MacDill AFB, FL

E911 Center Renovations and Security Fencing, Fort Bragg, NC

Construction of Hilton Field Latrines, Fort Jackson, SC

Design-Build and Construction of Semmes Lake Pier, Fort Jackson, SC

POV Parking & Walking Mall, Sunnypoint, NC

Chilled Waterline for Law Enforcement Complex, Fort Gordon, GA

Central Energy Plant Phase 9, Fort Gordon, GA

300 Series Truck Holding Pads, MOTSU Southport, NC

Lighting Control Replacement for Fish Deterrent System, Richard B. Russell Dam, GA & SC

Security Upgrades Building 2931, Fort Benning, GA

Construction of Pavilions and Box Lighting, Fort Jackson, SC

Family Housing Sewer Improvement, Fort Jackson, SC

Replace Existing Recirculating Sand Filter, Fort Gordon, GA

Water Main Upgrade and Building 8000F Site Work, Vicksburg, MS

Substation Repairs, Communication Relocation and Security Upgrades, Vicksburg, MS

Parking Lot Trench Repair and Refurbish Sewage Treatment, Stennis Space Center, MS



913 South Perry Street Montgomery, Alabama 36104